phone: (206) 898-7012
mailing address: 902 NW Leary Way | Seattle, Washington 98107

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  1. Marine Wiper Robert Alexander

    I am a NYC Fireman assigned to our Marine Division and we have 2 Fireboats powered by Enterprise Diesels: Fireboat John D. McKean 125′ Main Engines are 8 cylinder G models direct reversing, also has pump engines that are 6 cylinder G engines boat was built 1951.
    2nd: Fireboat Alfred E. Smith 105′ built 1961 Powered by DMM 363’s with CPP’s Rated @ 510hp @ 900rpm woodward PGPL Govenors also pump engines are DMM 363’s same rating with Woodward SG Govenors Main Engines on the Smith currently under going Major Overhauls due to persistent head gasket failures, counter bores had to be renewed. FYI Robert Alexander Cell# 718 654 1478 email

  2. Mrs Marilyn Duke

    I am the owner of the tug ‘CHIEF’ now located in Port of Spain, Trinidad.
    I need to get for the said Enterprise engine the following:-
    1 Piston # 98842
    2 Plugs # 96949
    2 Cock,Pressure indicator #B3123
    6 Cylinder Head Gasket # 93351
    The Cylinder size DORE 17/21 HP1571 RPM 300
    RHand-rotation Counter Clockwise
    Please let me hear from you by return mail

  3. Brian Parke

    What kind of oil? and when do you need the 18 to 1? brian

  4. Tom Sullivan


    Found your site. I’m glad to see someone is saving the real iron. In the past I’ve worked on a number good old engines that you hardly see any more… Chicago Pneumatic, Worthington, Nordberg, Enterprise, Cooper Bessemer, Superior and even a couple of small Fairbanks-Morse (31A6 1/4). Its a shame that many have been taken out because either the parts were more expensive than a high speed unit or the emissions standards brought them down. It was always a treat to mic up a set of mains with 80-100,000 hrs on them and have them mic like new or to be able to true up some ring grooves and put in a set of oversized rings in a 50 year old piston. High speed guys think you are telling tall tales as you spit on the woodstove.

    Saw your photo of the 89CPG (s/n 75890 or 75891 or 75892) at West End (?) pumping station. Did you know that CP sold them to Worthington Corp to drive their pumps as Worthington had stopped building their own engines? There was also a model 812CPS diesel (11″b x 12″s) in standby at another one of the Metro Stations. One of the Navy Crane Barges out your way had an older diesel version of the gas engine above.

    Other phenomenon unknown to the high speed guys is the fun of aligning a crank with a strain gauge or balancing an engine by setting firing pressure using a Kiene Indicator and setting the exhaust temps using an Alnor Pyrometer.

    Enough reminiscing for now….Keep up the good work.

    Tom Sullivan
    Braintree, MA

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